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Neurofeedback, Biofeedback (HEG and HRV training) and pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation (pEMF)

Was ist neurofeedback?


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Neurofeedback is an EEG based neuromodulation technique that provides the individual with feedback about specific brain activity in connection with related behaviour. Over time it enables one to entrain, change and regulate the oscillatory activity of the brain.

Various mental health problems, emotional and cognitive imbalances are characterized by distinct patterns of neural activation in the human brain. Feelings of anxiety or negativity, for instance, are frequently accompanied by increased amount of fast oscillations over the right frontal lobe, attention deficits can be characterised by excessive slow activity over the frontal brain areas, depression is often associated with an underactive left frontal lobe and tendencies toward ruminations or low self-esteem are related to aberrant activity within and between cortical areas comprising the Default Mode network of the brain.

Neurofeedback training helps the individual to normalise dysfunctional neural patterns, to “rewire” the brain, and to re-establish homeostasis in a natural way. The result is long lasting qualitative changes in mood, productivity and well-being.


How does neurofeedback work?

During the initial consultation, or qEEG assessment, the neural oscillations of the individual’s brain are recorded via electroencephalography (EEG) from the scalp.

The extracted data is meticulously analysed, and compared to a normative data base, as appropriate, to reveal suboptimal cortical patterns of information processing. This information is then used by the neurofeedback practitioner, in conjunction with completed symptom-based intake questionnaire, to prepare personalised neurofeedback training plan.


Is it safe?

Yes, neurofeedback is an absolutely non-invasive and safe training technique


Who I contact for more information, or to book a qEEG assessment?

Doerte Klein is our CEO, psychotherapist and neurofeedback therapist for Germany.

Email: dklein@euribion.com

Nadia is our neurofeedback therapist for Reading and London.

Email: n.hristova@euribion.com

Tel: 075-26968907

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