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Professional neurofeedback education

euribion zertifizierung
euribion zertifizierung

EURIBION Neurofeedback professional education and certification


  • Dörte and her team offer a two-track (therapeutic and peak performance training), modular neurofeedback education, which covers the needs of a wide range of neurofeedback practitioners, from newcomers to advanced users.
  • Doerte Klein is internationally renown neurofeedback lecturer, who teaches, among others, for Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and, as a member of the GNI - Global Neurofeedback Initiative, for Stress Therapy Solutions.  Doerte's  "BCIA Neurofeedback Didactic Bootcamps" are key modules for the American BCIA- Neurofeedback-certification. Doerte is also founder and CEO of euribion® - european institute for eegbiofeedback und applied neuroscience.

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