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euribion Basic- and Intermediate Course

euribion Basic and Advanced Applications of the EEG 24. - 27.08.2017

Basic and Intermediate course  - EEG-Biofeedback for Beginners and Users

LAST MINUTE - only a few seats available - see here: Newsletter
We will put special focus on euribion's unique "adaptive approach", which was developed by Dörte Klein PhD in her clinical practice to meet the existing need for a flexible and fully personalised neurofeedback training. The adaptive approach has been delivering excellent results for patients / clients for over 15 years now. Through the careful adaptation of the individual training parameters, particularly the dynamic frequency range, to the patients intrinsic brain fluctuations, the adaptive approach yields better and faster results. It can be utilised with various types of amplitude training, including sLORETA.

Next Date

24. - 27.08.2017


Hannover / Barsinghausen
Praxis Klein, Nienstedterstr. 22


Continuous Education, 36 Units


Dörte Klein, Hannover, Gemany
Nadia Hristova, Reading, UK
Tor Ghai, Stockholm, Schweden


euribion, Susanne Klein, Hamburg, Germany


Accredited with the Psychotherapist Chamber of Low Saxony, Germany, 41 units
Accepted by BCIA for continuous education, 27 hours
Accepted for euribion® certification, 36 units


info@euribion.de, ++49-1520-9872126                               



Target group: psychotherapists, physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, teachers, peak performance trainers, Cognitive Scientists, Neuropsychologist, and others, advanced students , Neurofeedback users (with certain pretraining newcomers too)

Learning goals: Participants will be enabled to practically apply first neurofeedback trainings, equipment and sufficient technical training being provided.

  • To acquire sound knowledge of the EEG-Biofeedback application at a basic and intermediate level.
  • To learn about different EEG techniques and various possibilities for assessment and evaluation
  • Getting knowledge on basic training strategies with different basic symptoms and problems
  • Getting comptetence in conducting own trainings with basic training modalities by repeated practical exercises
  • Getting specific knowledge on course of the process of Neurofeedback training with different symptoms with different training modalities, e.g. QEEG assessement and analysis, multichannel training, normtraining (surface, LORETA)
  • Extended clinical application with different symptoms in theory and individual practical applications under professional supervision


  • Basic neurophysiology (brain areas and functions, arousal, EEG-mechanisms of generation and frequencies, networks)
  • Training planning - theory and practice
  • Different training modules- i.e. amplitude training and z-score training, surface training and LORETA training, new developments in EEG-Neuroimaging training
  • special emphasis on adaptive strategies to optimize individual training (in surface and 3D-training, amplitude- and norm-training)
  • Insights from most recent neuroscience research and their relevance for neurofeedback training
  • QEEG analysis- creating brain maps referenced to a normative data bank.
  • EEG and psychopharmacology
  • The workflow of the clinical session: assessment, adaptive training plan and protocol selection strategies
  • Combining  various bio and neurofeedback feedback modalities to meet individual client needs- HRV, HEG, SCP training
  • Peak performance training modules

about at least 40 % hands on training

Various EEG and neurofeedback and biofeedback systems will be available to try out, and their capabilities will be compared  in order to facilitate equipment choice for the newcomers.

Please sign in today: euribion®  and get the early bird discount - maybe also the partner discount.

Please see here under  Newsletter for a detailled agenda.


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